Produced in version Silver 925 Black Rhodium, effect techno-satin, laser engraving and tonality grey anthracite dark, it represents the distinguishing features of quality, style, attention to detail and design.



The Kevlar of the tyre, can be more or minus present in the jewel, without some least alteration of its native position inside the portion of tyre, left at its natural and splendid decorative mission.



Portion of tyre used in a Formula 1™ race, the perfume of the competition maintained by our workmanships unchanged in its imperfections and exclusive beauty.



Made with a portion of tyre used in a Formula One™ race, the scent of competition maintained unchanged by our workmanship in its imperfections and exclusive beauty.


The Project

The fascinating and competitive contribution of so many different tyre brands, manufacturers and suppliers throughout the history of Formula 1™ racing has been lacking in recent championships, following the decision to use a single supplier: the resulting limited availability of tyres used in Formula 1™ racing has made these an even more precious and rare collector’s item. MONGRIP™ develops exclusive products made from certified tyres used in past Formula 1™ championships, procured by its own consultants and international experts from racing teams, professional and private collectors. Each tyre, before being processed, is analysed and tested in line with European and international standards (REACH); at the same time, its chemical and structural characteristics are analysed in a laboratory. After the necessary lab tests and results, our technicians determine the most suitable solution for the tyre’s processing, treatment and ergonomics in order to best preserve the mix and Kevlar in the tyre. Depending on the conservative, physical and constructive characteristics of the tyre, we then use it for the limited and variable production of no more than 500 bracelets: all MONGRIP™ bracelets have a unique number to identify the tyre from which they were made. The design is the result of the perfect mix between the quantity of raw material used, the creativity of our team of artists, the intricate workmanship of our craftsmen on every piece of tyre and the expert goldsmiths that complete each piece, beautifying them with precious metals such as gold and silver. MONGRIP™ bracelets are therefore different from one another, making them an unrepeatable, exclusive, original collector’s item.
That’s why MONGRIP™ is unique by definition. The collection is ambitiously seeking to become the most desired wrist accessory of all Formula 1™ racing enthusiasts, but also fashionistas in constant search of products that are able to communicate their personality and attention to detail.

The Concept

MONGRIP™ is the exclusive line of bracelets developed through an innovative, patented system involving the transformation of tyres used on weekends in Formula 1™ race circuits by the best drivers in the world and the most prestigious racing teams.

The Story

The story thus far

Giancarlo Medici, an Italian entrepreneur, class of 1967, an expert and collector of memorabilia items, has always had a passion for competition motorsports and in particular, the Formula 1™. Parallel to his professional career, which has always been dedicated to the research & development of new products and technologies, at the end of the nineties Giancarlo Medici began to think about how memorabilia relics could be used to become mementos, unique creations and jewels sold on the market and shared among the many motorsports enthusiasts just like him. The idea began to take shape in 2008 when, at the end of the Formula One™ Grand Prix™, Giancarlo noted the incredible number of fans racing down to the track to collect the pieces of rubber left on the asphalt as a souvenir. Years of research, testing and the selection of qualified suppliers would follow until November 2015, when the first project was born: MONGRIP™. GRIP Sarl was thus founded on that same date, with its headquarters located in the Principality of Monaco. GRIP Sarl, with the aid of an exclusive patent, thus became the first company in the world to produce bracelets entirely made from tyres used in professional competitions. More specifically, the first collections were produced using the tyres of the historical Formula One™ Grand Prix™.

The Story

Our Timeline

November 2015

GRIP Sarl was founded.

April 2016

From GRIP Sarl, MONGRIP™ is born, a brand of bracelets produced through the transformation of certified tyres used in Formula 1™ racing.

July 2016

Online presentation of the first collection of “RACE” bracelets and the development of the first production batch, which instantly sold out.

November 2016

Online presentation of prototypes with precious metal finishes such as polished yellow gold and satin-finished rose gold, designed for the future limited edition ”LEGEND” collections.

December 2016

Bracelets are sold through a multibrand retail channel at the exclusive “Joaillerie” of Fairmont Hotel in Monaco.

April 2017

The MONGRIP™ bracelets are available and can also be purchased at the prestigious Official Boutique of the Automobile Club of Monaco.

May 2017

The MONGRIP™ bracelets can also be purchased at the prestigious “Davidoff” boutique in the Metropole Shopping Center of Monaco.

May 2019


April 2019

Augusto Farfus lança linha de pulseiras exclusivas feitas com pneus da Formula 1

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May 2019

MONGRIP anuncia edição limitada de pulseira feita com pneus usados por Ayrton Senna

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May 2019

The MONGRIP™ bracelets can also be purchased at the prestigious “Davidoff” boutique in the Metropole Shopping Center of Monaco.

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